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A space where we share our passion for sewing and creating. Here we endeavor to teach sewing both to beginners and sewing enthusiasts, with detailed lessons and projects. Beginners can start with the basic sewing lessons and skill themselves up towards completing projects. Whereas, sewing experts can jump directly into our various projects depending upon their skill level. Above all we encourage creativity, so let your imagination guide your hand and you will realize that the possibilities are endless.

What We Do

In Addition to our commitment towards
We have a series of videos that would help you learn these skills from the very basics to advanced.
  • Sewing Machine For All Garment Need.
  • All Mix Brand Available.
  • Ready To Use All Service Done.
  • Demo With Stitching Will Be Given If Asked.
  • Spares Parts available.
  • Technical Help.
We earnestly request you to go through the lessons in sequence and practice as this will create the technical foundation for you to improvise. After few lessons there is a creative project utilizing the skills learnt. Step by step we would like to share in your journey, the joy of creation! When hands and heart come together to make something beautiful, it throws up the biggest delights, the widest smiles, and the happiest memories. With Usha sewing machines steadily enabling people through generations and across age groups to cement relationships as well as create beauty together, it’s no wonder that Usha Sewing Machines are deeply central to so many lives. Begin your sewing journey with Usha today.