SGGEMSY Sewing Machine


The SGGEMSY 8802e is a high speed, direct drive single needle lockstitch sewing machine offering a lot of great features for a very reasonable price. The machine runs fast and smooth due to the integrated head-mounted servo motor. The machine features an electronic needle positioner which automatically keeps the needle in the up position (or down if so desired) making it easy to pull a finished piece and insert a new one under the needle.
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It also features an automatic thread trimmer activated by the slight heel kick on the pedal so you can eliminate the fatigue of constantly cutting the threads by hand. The maximum sewing speed can be adjusted electronically using its simple control panel. This is a very nice, smooth-running machine ideally suited for alteration shops, home sewers, and commercial sewing contractors that want fast, precise and beautiful stitching on a variety of apparel items made from light to medium weight fabrics.


Max Stitch Length: 5 mm Adjustable by Dial
Max Sewing Speed: 5,000 SPM
Max Foot Lift: 13mm by Knee, 5.5mm by Hand
Automatic Needle Positioner Automatic Thread Trimmer


This machine ships complete and fully assembled - ready to sew upon arrival. It includes:
Machine Head
Table Top
Machine Stand
LED Light
Extra needles, bobbins, and tools.